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About the Artist



Christopher M. Carrasco was born and raised in Bronx, NY. After college he moved to Brooklyn NY. From an early age he wanted to become an artist. Then after being introduced to the superhero genre, he found his passion. Since then he's been drawing, creating characters and leaning the comic trade to become a sucessful comic artist.

In 1998 Christopher attended the High School of Art and Design. He majored in Fine Arts and incorporated what he learned into his Cartooning/Illustrations.

In 2002 Christopher furthered his art studies at the School of Visual Arts. Majoring in Cartooning/Illustration, he learned a great deal of traditional and contemparary cartooning/illustration styles and techniques.

Christopher's work has appeared in many art exhibitions in his college. Several of his pieces were displayed in his community center in 2002. His first publication came in the School of Visual Arts Journal in 2005. He currently does sucessful freelance work with his cartooning, illustration, and storyboarding talents.


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